The idea is to find a way on how to protect

people from the Covid-19 virus

When our government imposed Enhanced Community Quarantine last March 2020, I experienced doing shopping alone and it was a very stressful one.

With that experience, my wife and I thought of a solution on how to help solve the COVID-19 crisis here in the Philippines. And just like everyone else thinks, the thing that could potentially help us fight against the crisis is a total lockdown for at least 1 month. In that way, there will be no people outside, the virus will not spread, and the list of positive cases can be determined immediately. But that’s not possible, because we need food to survive for at least 1 month. We need some sort of access to food and essential needs. We can’t rely on the government alone, we need to think of a solution on how people can have access to food and essential needs during the lockdown.

One day, my wife was just browsing on Facebook, and she saw our local city’s Facebook group. In that group, some people were selling their products like Baked Foods, Kimchi, homemade spaghetti, freshly baked bread, and many more.

So, my wife, who missed having cheat days, ordered a Milk tea from a seller in our local city’s Facebook group and it was delivered to us in less than 30 minutes. We thought, “Wow, that was so quick. Very convenient!”. It all makes sense because the only way to achieve a same-day delivery is to buy goods that are literally near you.

We thought that it will be useful if there’s a platform that allows buyers to see all the sellers in their own city. With that, it will be easier for people in that city to purchase what they need. Also, the delivery won’t be an issue. Goods and products can be delivered to them in less than an hour.

If all your needs and wants can be delivered to you on the same-day you checkout your orders, then there’s no reason for you to go outside and risk yourself from having a virus. That would be a great idea to at least help fight against COVID-19.

And so I designed and developed the platform and that was the beginning of Goodies…

Hi! My name is Nico. I'm the founder of Goodies.

  • Founded Multiple Startups
  • Became a CTO for a Singapore based company
  • Helping entrepreneurs and startups for more than 8 years
  • App Developer turned Entrepreneur
  • I’m a husband with a lovely wife and a father to my 5-year-old son.
  • I love to drink coffee right before I go to bed

Our mission is to help fight against Covid-19 by giving people a way to connect to their local sellers that can deliver goods in less than an hour.

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