For Buyers

Do I need to create a new account in every city that I wanna buy with?

No. You will only have 1 account. You can use your existing account in logging in to a different city. You just need to add new address information that corresponds to the city that you’re in.

Do I need to create 2 separate accounts for buyers and sellers?

No. When you signup for an account. You automatically have the ability to sell online. Just go to seller center login and enter the site using your existing account.

Will I be receiving my orders in less than an hour?

Yes and sometimes No.

You can check the product’s type of delivery on the product’s page.

For products with the “Same-day delivery” tag, you can expect them to be delivered the same day you purchase the item. You will see an estimated time of arrival details once you check out your order.

For products with a “Standard Delivery” tag, it’s more likely that the product is from another city or the seller doesn’t want to offer same-day delivery on the product. Delivery of items depends on what courier you chose but usually, it takes 2-8 days.

To know more about this information. Visit the How it works page.

How much is the shipping fee?

It depends.  You can see the delivery fee on the product page of every product.

If you’re going to choose the “Seller Delivery” and if you are buying from the same seller, the delivery fee will be the same for all the products that you will purchase.

Basically, the delivery fee is per seller.

If the seller doesn’t offer “Seller Delivery”. You may choose your desired delivery courier upon checkout.

Can I buy other products from other city?

Of course! As long as you have your address set up in your chosen city then it won’t be a problem.

You may also use your existing account. If you don’t have your address set up, just go to your Account and go to “My Addresses” then set up your address from there.

This is very helpful especially when you travel a lot. Let’s say you are in Boracay and you need some on-the-go foods or a swimsuit immediately. You can just go to Malay, Aklan’s Platform (, and buy what you need from there.

How do I return damaged products?

When you’re dealing with local sellers, It’s much faster and safer to return products since the seller is just within your area. You can simply message the seller from our platform and directly resolve the issue with the seller.

If the product is from other cities then, you might need to contact us for more info.

Do you accept cash on delivery?

Yes, we accept cash on delivery and also credit card payments.

In the future, we may also accept prepaid cards, debit cards, and other payment gateways like GCash and over the counter payments.

For Sellers

Are there any fees that I need to pay before I sell my products?

No. Completely Free! You can signup for an account then you can now start posting and sell your products.

The only fee that we have is the 2% Transaction Fee for all successful transactions completed for digital payments and cash on delivery.

Where can I see all my fees?

You can see all your fees inside your seller account. There are also reports that you can generate for you to know exactly where that fee came from.

How do you collect our payment for the fees?

We are going to collect your fees on a monthly basis.

You can connect your credit card for automatic payment or pay manually via debit/credit card, prepaid cards, gcash or over the counter payments.

Your account will be locked if you fail to pay your fees for 2 months in a row.

A locked account means that all your storefront and products will be hidden from our platform. Once they settle all the fees, the storefront and products will return back automatically to our platform.


What is a storefront?

A storefront is your personal profile page of your business. From there, your customers can see all the products that you have in your store.

Think of this as your own physical store. People go to your store, can see all the products that you have, and buy products from there. It’s all the same, but this time, it’s always open online 24/7.

How many storefront can I make?

You can make unlimited storefronts!

We know that some business owners own a lot of store branches in multiple locations that’s why we cannot put a limit into it.

If you have 3 restaurants in 3 different cities, then you can put them all in goodies.

What types of products can I sell online?

You can sell a lot of product types in goodies. See all the complete list of categories here.

Basically, you can sell Foods like on-the-go foods, groceries, and electronic devices any many more.

Do I need to deliver the products to my customers?

For now, since we’ve just recently released our platform, all sellers must have their own delivery and can be able to deliver products within their city.

If someone orders a product from you and needed to deliver it to a different city then it will be automatically get picked up by a third-party courier. You’ll receive a notification if the courier is on its way.

You can also pick specific locations where your product is visible. You can set that up upon creating your storefront. Watch this video to see how it works.

If you don’t have your own delivery guy. You can still register and post your products but it won’t be visible.

We are going to try our best to expand our team so that sellers like you don’t need an in-house delivery guy for you to sell products at goodies.

For Investors & Partnership

Are you looking for an investor or a funding opportunity?

Yes! Since we just recently released our platform, we need an investor or the funding for us to expand our team, marketing, and advertising. We all do this to serve our sellers/buyers and experience seamless shopping online.

Are you hiring?

Yes! You can email your cover letter and resume at [email protected]

If you’re a driver/rider and want to be part of the #GoodiesDrivers then you can also email us your information and tell us about your experience in delivering goods and products.

What kind of partnership are you looking for?

We are consistently looking for people that want to join our team. We are looking for partners with the same goals as ours, the same vision that we have, and also believe that what we are creating and doing here, can make a huge impact on our society today, especially this time of crisis.